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Waste disposal
« on: April 20, 2017, 09:55:16 AM »
Everyone hates to see that their trash bin has been raised or knocked over by a wild animal. Most of the homeowners face this situation. Wild animals like raccoons, rats or opossums get into the garbage because they’re searching for food. Often, they’re tipped off by the smell of leftovers in your garbage cans. If mismanaged, backyard compost piles can turn into playgrounds for unwanted furry critters.
I am facing this same situation. Every morning when I go to my kitchen, what I see is the rat running out of the wastes. I tried a lot to solve this issue, but nothing worked out. But last day, I accidentally came across a blog. It speaks about the ways to keep away the animals from the wastes. Few important points quoted in the article are:
1. Be sure to cover garbage bins tightly and securely–don’t let them overflow or leave objects hanging out.
2. Animals, especially rodents, can gnaw through plastic rather easily, but metal trash cans are almost impossible for them to damage.
3. Always keep the contents moist
4. Plant Mint Nearby

Has anyone tried out any of this methods? Is it useful?

The article says that wild animals end up invading your garbage and even your home because they are looking for food and shelter. They are typically not out to attack anyone or purposefully cause you trouble, they’re simply looking for a means of survival.
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