Benefits of Using Man and Van Over Skip Hire

Generally, skips are incredibly handy when it comes to removing large amounts of waste – especially in the forms of building debris and furniture. They are easy for the company to pick up and empty, with the process being relatively quick considering. However, there is not always room on the property or area for a skip, and they are often quite cumbersome in general – not to mention a bit of an eyesore. There are several huge benefits to using a man and van service over skip hire, and we take a look at them in this short guide.

A Helping Hand

One of the huge advantages is that with man and van hire you get someone to give you a hand with the heavy lifting. This can be really beneficial if you have something awkward or impossible to life by yourself. Skip hire does not usually come with someone to lend a hand, and this fact gives man and van services a huge advantage. Work gets done faster, and there’s always someone there if things get too much.

Daily Collection

Usually when you hire a skip you have to wait until a certain day and time for it to be removed and emptied. This can take up a lot of time and even halt the progress you are making with your project if it fills up. A man and van service is there to collect and dispose of waste for you on a daily basis if it is required. It’s flexible and able to cater to your individual needs. With man and van services you won’t come back the next day to find debris all over the floor like you do with skips.

No Permit

Skip permits cost a decent amount of money and only last so long. Plus, they can be a little bit of hassle to get hold of. However, with a man and van service, the need for a permit is completely erased. All they need to do Is show up and start removing the allocated items from the area.

There’s no need for permission and it can save a development project a fair bot of cash in the long run thanks to the lack of permits required. Plus, there are no parking bay suspension fees, so that could end up saving you a few extra pounds for the duration of your project.

Access Is Improved

Skips are quite cumbersome and can take up a great deal of space. As  result, they may also block access points or at lease limit the available accessibility to other workers on the site. This can be very frustrating for those working as things will often end up taking twice as long.

By using a man and van service, you can keep accessibility fully open to the site and won’t end up blocking anyone in or out. Even if you do end up needing to block an area, it is only for a short space of time while the vehicle is loaded up – not for weeks while the skip is waiting to be filled.

To Conclude

Man and van services are an excellent alternative to using skips. They do everything in a much easier fashion, saving time and a little extra money along the way. With our man and van service you can be sure to be met by a helpful individual that will ensure everything is packed up to the best it can be. Make sure you come take a look on our website to see some of the fantastic hiring options we have at the moment.

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