Commercial Bins and Recycling for Pubs and Clubs

Pubs and clubs are huge producers of recyclable waste, especially after a busy night of drinking and partying. As a result, they need several rubbish bins to dispose of the waste produced every night. It is particularly important that these bins cater to different types of waste as well, with a prime example being the separation of materials such as glass from the regular recycling and waste. With our commercial recycling services, you can make the whole process easier for yourself, with no stress about the next bin collection day being too far way. Take a look at this guide to commercial bins and recycling for pubs and clubs.

Why Do It?

Using our commercial recycling services can save you time and money, so you don’t need to worry about taking it yourself or hassling the council to come and collect your waste. All you need to do it book the service and we will come on the days that you have allocated to collect and dispose of your recycling. It’s cheaper and more efficient, ask us about our ‘Smart Bins’, these tell us when the bins are full so we can reduce your costs over thee long term by only emptying them when they need it.

Commercial recycling services also mean that you are helping the environment and reducing the amount of waste that you send to landfill. It benefits the environment, and can also help to reduce your carbon footprint. Plus, all the glass that ends up being recycled can be made into new glasses or the bottles that hold alcoholic beverages.

In this age, recycling is seen as a very important aspect of our society. Businesses who take part in recycling programs are more likely to receive a boost in new customers as well as a good reception from local press and social media. This can have positive effects on your profits and the amount of business you generate. So commercial recycling has the potential to lead to improved business and reputation.

Commercial Bins

There are several types of commercial bin that pubs and clubs can benefit from using in their establishments. The first of these is a kitchen bin for the disposal of food waste and other kitchen items that cannot be placed with the regular rubbish.

The glass bin is also incredibly important, as broken glass or hole bottles can be placed in here for recycling. This prevents people form cutting their hands, but also means the glass is separated from the rest of the rubbish before it goes to the recycling plant.

There is also the general recycling bin where all of the other recyclable material is placed ready for collection. This is picked up by our commercial recycling service and then taken to the appropriate recycling centre so that it can be disposed of correctly. Always make sure you use the correct bin for the waste you dispose of to ensure the best possible level of recycling.

To Conclude

When you go to hire a commercial recycling service form our website, the quotes given will offer you the best possible deals and prices. We pride ourselves on an excellent level of service and fantastic work. If you own a pub or club and are looking into a recycling service, this article should tell you everything you need to know about how the process works and why you should do it.


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