How To Reduce Your Commercial Waste Costs

Commercial waste can be an issue, especially with the large amount that is produced on a weekly basis. By the end of it, we need it removed from the premises before it begins to overflow, and so it is taken to the appropriate centres for disposal. However, this process can end up costing a good chunk of money, and this often cuts into the budget you have for your workplace. The costs vary from location to location, but this article plans on taking you through the rough averages as well as tips on how you can try to reduce them.

The Cost of Commercial Waste

Many people find themselves surprised by how much it can cost to have your commercial waste collected once a week. Here is a quick rundown of some of the weekly to two weekly charges you can expect, as well as a rough price range.

Wheeled Bins (litres):

  • 140: £140 to £300 annually
  • 240: £240 to £510 annually
  • 360: £370 to £760 annually
  • 660: £655 to £1340 annually
  • 1100: £1120 to £2240 annually

Container Costs:

  • £38 to £750

Skip Hire (single):

  • £100 to £1000

Transfer Station (per ½ tonne)

  • £155 to £200

Recycling Centre:

  • Price on asking

As you can see, the price for a collection once a week can be quite expensive considering the length of times between collections. When you go through a commercial waste service like ours, you get more for your money with collections ranging from daily to weekly – depending on what you need as a company. It’s more cost effective, and a far easier process to go through with no hassle.

Reducing the Costs

There are actually quite a few ways that you can reduce your commercial waste costs. The first of these is finding a waste disposal contract that meets your needs exactly and isn’t giving you more than you need at an extra cost. You should also record how much waste is being generated so that you have an accurate idea of the kind of services you require.

You should also try to determine where the waste is coming from and which areas are producing the most. This way, you can work with your team to try and implement new techniques into the process that work to reduce the amount of waste being created. Plus, some recyclable waste has financial value, so it is worth checking online to see if your waste could make your business a little extra cash.

Finally, educating your employees about recycling and its benefits both to the company and the planet can often be a great help when it comes to reducing the amount of waste. Implement specific bins for waste products in the building, and stop using disposable drinkware in the staff room. Little steps like this build up into a large impact. You have the power to make a change.

To Conclude

Commercial waste costs may seem a little high, but when you hire a service from us you really are getting value for money. Save yourself some time and cash so that you can work on reducing the waste in your place of work and start educating the people who work for you. This article highlights the first steps so that you can become more efficient and less wasteful.

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