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What they Are, how to Buy and Hire

Waste balers are incredibly useful, and many businesses can benefit from having one on premises. They have a simple design that makes them easy to use, but also benefit the environment and your waste disposal costs – which can be very useful for your company. Efficient, and ideal for use in business, it is worth looking into hiring or buying one of these nifty machines. Take a look at this guide for some more information about what they are, what they do, and also how to go about hiring and buying them.

What Are They?

Waste balers are compact machines that can deal with just about any kind of waste you put inside it. They are used for squeezing waste to make it more compact and can take anything from cardboard to thick plastics.

The waste is turned into a solid block that is completely recyclable so that it can be collected by a waste disposal service. These blocks mean that they save room when being collected and reduce the amount of time spent on disposal.

Due to this, your business will save time, money, and a great deal of space. Generally, they are quite quiet when running so that you place of work suffers from the minimum amount of disruption.

Types of Waste Baler

There are only two types of waste baler. Each of them is best suited to a different environment. The first of these is the vertical waste baler which is perfect for businesses who produce a regular amount of waste. They are easy to operate and have a very simple design.

The same can be said for the horizontal waste baler, but these are perfect for businesses that need to produce a constant (or semi-constant) amount of waste bales each day. These are fed by conveyors and much more powerful, with the ability to become fully automated if required. When you go to select a waste baler ensure you are selecting the right one for your company.

Hiring and Buying

When it comes to getting a waste baler for your business, you need to consider your options before you commit to either a hire or purchase. If you decide to hire a waste baler it could cost more in the long run, but it also means that you have the option to cease payment and send the machine back if you find you do not need it or unforeseen circumstances arise.

With hiring you have options. If you decide to buy it can make things a little trickier. On the plus side, you often pay less because you are handing over one upfront payment. However, it does mean that should you no longer need it you are either stuck with the machine or you have to sell it – and you won’t usually get your money back for that.

Check out our website for some fantastic hire and purchase options for waste balers.

To Conclude

Waste balers are fantastic options for businesses, and have a great impact on the environment compared to many other waste disposal methods. Able to dispose of a range of materials and with incredibly quiet running speeds, it is worth hiring or purchaisng one of these for your business.

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