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What They are, how to Buy, and How to Hire

Waste compactors are hugely beneficial to businesses as they offer a range of functions and savings that are sure to make life easier. In addition to reducing the amount of space taken up as well as the size of the waste materials, they also reduce the cost of waste transportation. This can save you a good chunk of money every month on waste disposal fees. Plus, it provides a smoother and more efficient waste disposal service that is also far more eco-friendly. Take a look at this guide on what they do, and how you can go about getting one for your business.

What are They?

The basic definition of a waste compactor is that they are industrial machines that compresses rubbish to make it more cost effective and environmentally friendly. It uses weights and pressures to compact the waste material together so that it can save space.

They are capable of compressing large amounts of waste at a time in what is actually quite a small space. They are easy to load and use, ensuring that you can take care of your waste in the shortest time possible. Some have chutes and designated entrances for the waste, but it all depends on the model you select and what you need it for.

Types of Waste Compactor Available

Here are some of the waste compactors that are available for businesses to purchase or hire:

  • Static waste compactor
  • Portable waste compactor
  • Demountable waste compactor
  • Traversing waste compactor
  • Transfer station compactor

The Environmental Benefits

Using a waste compactor has several environmental benefits, including taking up a lot less space in landfills due to the reduced size of waste. This also means there are fewer waste collections, and this means that the number of harmful emissions caused by vehicles, thanks to there being less vehicles on the road and the lack of fuel consumption that comes with it.

Buying and Hiring

Many companies will find themselves in need of a waste compactor for its fantastic environmental and cost saving benefits. There are options to purchase or hire these machines for use at your business, and options for both can be found on our website.

We aim to provide you with excellent service and a fantastic range of options for both buying and hiring one of these machines. If you are wondering whether you should buy or hire, it is important to consider your circumstances. Buying often reduces the total cost of the item, whereas hiring is usually more expensive over time. However, hiring means that if you find an alternate solution or do not want to use one anymore, you simply have to cancel and send the machine back.

With buying it is not that simple and reselling does not guarantee your money back. It is important to take time to consider your options before you commit.

To Conclude

Waste compactors have a wide range of benefits for businesses, and is sure to help reduce waste costs as well as your impact on the environment. Whether you want to hire or buy, we have an excellent offer for you, and your business is sure to benefit.

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