Waste Removal Services

Whether household or commercial, waste removal services can come in incredibly handy. It’s not always possible for us to dispose of items in the correct way ourselves, and so hiring a service such as this can be a great help. It ensures that everything is discarded legally and in the appropriate manner, reducing the number of illegal fly-tipping cases each year. If you are looking for some more information about waste removal services or considering hiring one, this article will tell you everything you need to know. Here’s some information for both general and commercial removal services.

Where Can I Find Them?

If you are looking for a waste removal service, then we can help. We have specialist teams ready to provide the best service at the most competitive prices available in your area. We are well known for being a reputable and reliable company that covers every type of waste disposal across the United Kingdom. Some services however are provided by the council, for free, depending on your situation and the items that need removal, we will always notify you of this when you contact us as we take responsible waste management seriously, sometimes the best people to deal with a certain situation or type of waste can be free of charge.

How Much Does It Cost?

The price of removals will vary depending on both the company and the goods that need transporting. If you decide to donate items such as furniture to charity, they will come and collect for free – providing the furniture meets their standards.

Commercial waste collection often costs more than residential, but once again this depends on the company, we offer some of the most competitive commercial solutions available anywhere in the UK. Discounts for residential services are also available for those who are over the age of 60 and for people who receive certain benefits. These discounts are offered by us, you just have to ask when you get a quotation.

Are There Alternative Options?

If you don’t wish to pay for a removal company to dispose of your unwanted items there are a few options available to you. The first has already been touched on, and that is giving your unwanted furniture and goods to charity. Their drivers will not only take the items without charge, but will also load them onto the lorry.

You could also give them away to friends and family who might need them for a new home or as replacement furniture. Failing this, you could take them down to your local recycling centre yourself – although this depends not only on what you have to dispose of but also your own time and vehicle constraints.

Residential Removal Services

You can hire our national removal service for your residential home to collect items that do not fit in the bins provided by the council and cannot be taken by the garbage trucks. This includes everything from furniture to household appliances such as ovens and refrigerators. Our operatives will require a notice period of around two days so that they can prepare themselves, but also so that they are able to give you a time slot that fits with your schedules.

Your items will be taken to be recycled, and in the case of those that are not eligible, they will be disposed of in the correct and legal manner. Using one of our local teams, you know you are purchasing a reliable and completely law abiding service.

Commercial Removal Services

One of the great things about our commercial waste removal services are that we provide your company with large bins for outside your building. These industrial bins are capable of holding a large amount of waste and will be collected by the same team that provides them.

We also provide a range of different bins to suit several purposes, so you can have the right container for the type of waste your commercial building produces. Plus, with our reliable and reputable local teams, you can rest assured that everything will be disposed of in a manner that is not only legal but also environmentally friendly.

When using our commercial removal services, it is vital to remember your legal obligations. You must keep all of your records for at least two years, so that if you are ever called upon to prove safe disposal of your waste you have the proof to hand so that it cannot be disputed. This is your duty of care, and the documents must be available for inspection at any given time.

You must also comply with the pre-treatment regulations that have been set by the government. Any non-hazardous waste that you are planning on sending to landfill sites must be treated before it is sent. It helps to reduce harmful pollutants that are found in the waste, and aids in preventing it from being absorbed by the ground, which can in turn enter water supplies, our knowledgeable staff members will help you understand and deal with all this, just give us a call.

To Conclude

FUsing our well-priced waste removal services near you will not be hard, especially as most of our centres will service those who need a hand getting rid of old furniture and household appliances. We have fantastic services available to both residential and commercial customers, and while the prices can be quite different, depending on the type of waste and the quantity of it, they each have excellent benefits, such as the provision of commercial bins and discounts for those who are eligible. Hiring us for your bulky waste is a sure way to guarantee that your rubbish is being disposed of in a safe and legal manner.

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