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Waste Compactor Hire


When it comes to saving on additional costs and making things easier for your business, waste compactor hire is an option that should be seriously considered. They reduce the amount of space taken up by waste and bins, but also massively reduce the costs of waste transportation – which can be very helpful when it comes to paying your monthly bills. In addition to this, it also provides a much more efficient disposal service that is very eco-friendly compared to things other methods of waste disposal. We have a great range of waste compactors available from us, so feel free to take a look.


What Are Waste Compactors?

A waste compactor is an industrial machine that compresses waste. Using a system of weights and pressures, it is able to compact the material together. This causes the waste to become much smaller than its original size. This is fantastic for saving space in bins and other waste containers, but it is also much more cost effective and environmentally friendly.

This is because most waste disposal companies charge by volume, so with a waste compact you can fit a lot more in, but at the same price as if it were half the amount. It’s incredibly effective. If the waste ends up going to landfill, it also means that it will take up less space, as the compaction reduces the volume. This is good for the landfill’s lifespan, so it remains open for longer – reducing the need for new ones to be developed.

What They Do

Waste compactors use their weight and pressure system to compress large amounts of waste at a time in a small space. Some even have chutes and other specific waste entrances, but this is largely dependent on the model purchased. They are very easy to load and simple to use, so it’s not a very complex process to understand.

The entire process, in fact, is very simple – but each types of waste compactor works in a slightly different manner. The section below goes into much more detail about each type and how they can work to keep your waste costs low.

Types of Waste Compactor Available

There are five main types of waste compactor available, all of which are useful. When it comes to waste compactor hire from us, you will want to find the one that is best suited to you and your needs. Take a look at the five types here, along with some further information about what they do and what they are best suited to.

  • Static waste compactor

The static waste compactor is kept on site and is primarily used for the compaction of large quantities of waste. The machine is firmly attached to the ground and usually transport containers are attached to the press, which is where the material is compacted.

Once the container is full, it will be detached from the press and taken to the appropriate disposal facilities. Afterwards, the container can be attached again. It is possible to attach the two manually, but also via hydraulics if you are looking for an easier solution. 

  • Portable waste compactor

The portable waste compactor can come in either a chain life or roll on/off formats (much like skip hire). They can also come with integrated or external bins, all of which depends on your personal preferences and transport types.

They can hold a great deal more than the standard skip, which makes them more cost effective. They are perfect for compacting recyclable materials such as cardboard, which is great for the environment. Once it is full, it is as simple as taking it away, emptying it, and then returning it to the site.

  • Demountable waste compactor

These are handy when it comes to waste compactor hire because they can be set in any location and removed just as easily. On top of that, they can be manufactured in a range of sizes so that you get something that suits your needs.

They can be fully enclosed for loading by hand, fitted with a bin loader, or be positioned for reverse loading. They are very sturdy and incredibly easy to operate, making things a little simpler for business owners.

  • Traversing waste compactor

These waste compactors tend to be quite stationary, remaining attached to the site during the process of compression, and being unloaded to be taken to the nearest waste disposal centre. They come with a variety of options that businesses might find useful.

These include: side loading, gull wing hopper and steps, rear dock loading, and wheelie bin lifter. When you go to hire a waste compactor from us, let us know what kind of business you run and we can help you find one that is suited to you – especially with the range of traversing waste compactors available.

  • Transfer station compactor

A transfer station compactor is big and powerful. It’s main defining feature is that it can be station above or below ground level and it can come with a variety of loading hoppers. They are capable of compressing massive amounts of waste, and the loading hoppers can include chutes, conveyors, and fork truck loading. A lot of the time they can also be controlled remotely. They are generally made to hold upwards of 250 tonnes per day. These are the perfect machines for busy industries.

The Environmental Benefits

Waste compactor hire has quite a few environmental benefits. For one, they take up a lot less space in landfills due to the reduced size of the waste. This is especially due to the fact that it will be compressed and compacted again when it gets there.

Many recycling centres are also starting to accept waste from compactors, as they are able to compress materials like cardboard ready for recycling. Plus, the fewer waste collections also mean that there will be less harmful emissions caused by vehicles on the road and less fuel consumption.

Hiring and Buying Waste Compactors

At some point, the majority of companies will find themselves in need of a waste compactor at some point, and there are a great range for you to choose from. On our website, you have the option to take a look at and hire our fantastic range of waste compactors with no hassle.

Our aim is to provide you with a superb level of service, and also to try and match our available compactors to the needs of your business. Hiring a waste compactor is a great way to go, as it means that should you no longer need to use one, you can end the service easily and the waste compactor can be taken back - unlike buying where you end up stuck with the machine.

We would love to talk to you about the various offers we have for waste compactors, and you can find a lot of additional information on our website, or simply by getting in touch. Waste compactors can have huge benefits for waste disposal costs as well as the environment, which is great for both finances and the appearance of a business in the public eye (eco-friendly waste disposal is held in high regard by many members of the public). Get in touch with any questions and we will be happy to assist.

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