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Waste Shredder Hire And Purchase


The need for machines like waste shredders have been on the rise in recent years, especially with the increase in environmental awareness and the advocacy that comes with it. These machines have a much better impact on the environment than traditional waste disposal methods, and so waste shredder hire could be the best course of action for your business. They have a better impact on the environment and are very cost effective, causing them to help pave the way for a new outlook on how business waste is removed and disposed. Here, we list what waste shredders do, but also how you can hire one from us.


What Are Waste Shredders?

Waste shredders are industrial sized machines that are used for the compression and compaction of waste. These machines use incredibly tough blades that are made from strong materials so that they can cut through almost any material. Once this is done, it can then pack the waste down into more manageable sizes. They are fantastic for businesses who have a lot of waste and are looking to save some money on waste disposal services.


What They Do

The waste shredder works relentlessly to compress and compact your waste into manageable chunks that are ready for recycling or the appropriate disposal method. The systems use powerful blades to shred the waste, and can even incorporate screens or magnets for the separation of waste either before or after compression. Of course, more information on this can be found below when we look at the types of waste shredder available.

 Keeping the waste apart helps to prepare them for landfill or incineration (and even recycling), and there is nothing that these powerful machines cannot handle. With the reduced size of the waste, it takes up less room on the waste disposal truck, so you can reduce both your costs and overall impact on the environment. These machines work fantastically and efficiently to compact your waste and help reduce the total volume that requires collection.


Types of Waste Shredder

If you are looking into waste shredder hire with us, then it is important that you know that there are three main types of waste shredder available on the market. All three are more environmentally friendly and cost effective than the conventional waste disposal methods. Take a look at the available models below, as well as the situations they are best suited to.

  • Single shaft

The single shaft shredder is ideal for general waste that does not require a great deal of power and is easy to break down. Things like kitchen waste and general office rubbish are perfectly suited to this particular model of waste shredder. It is perfect for light waste that requires quick and compact disposal to help save money. They are easy to use, and work relatively quickly to produce the desired results ready for removal to the appropriate disposal centre.

  • Dual shaft.

These waste shredders are excellent for businesses that need a little extra power in order to break down and compress waste into manageable chunks. It may need more energy for effective disposal, but they are able to handle a much wider range of material, especially those that are a little more challenging.

For a business that has primarily general waste mixed in with a little industrial, this is the ideal machine and is sure to do a great job. It’s just as easy to use as simpler models, all it does is give the extra kick to get the machine up and running with tougher waste.

  • Quad shaft.

The quad shaft waste shredder was constructed for durability and power. It is able to compress just about any kind of material that is placed inside it, working to reduce it down to a manageable size. They are absolutely ideal for work with heavy duty industrial materials, and they certainly won’t disappoint with their levels of power as well as the efficiency that comes with them.

Despite their increased power and size, they are still not that difficult to operate, which is great for those that want to get on with their work rather than trying to figure the machine out. Plus, even though it is bigger and takes up a lot more energy than other types of waste shredder, this machine is still classed as environmentally friendly and highly efficient for your business. Working hard to reduce your waste, it is the industrial worker’s dream.


Environmental and Business Benefits

There are several environmental and business reasons for waste shredder hire. The first of these is that using one of these machines is sure to reduce the impact you have on the environment, which shows you in a good light for the public. People want to follow companies that care about the environment, and the way in which waste is disposed by waste shredders can easily be seen as a more environmentally conscious method.

Plus, thanks to the decreased volume of waste, it means that the waste disposal trucks and vehicles will be on the road a little less, which then leads to there being a lower amount of emissions produced. The entire process will save you money every month, especially when it comes to waste disposal fees, but it will also save you time and hassle.

Having the machine do the majority of the work, and then a company come and collect it is a massive time saver so that you can focus on more important things within your company. It’s another reason you should be hiring your waste shredder from us – we also have waste disposal services available to you.

The environmental and business benefits for those machine are fantstic, so take a look at the hiring section below.


Hiring a Waste Shredder

When it comes to hiring a waste shredder from us, the process could not be a simpler one. All you need to do is take a look online, or give us a call to discuss what you need so that we can help you to choose the right product. We aim to provide you with the best possible service, and if you have any questions we are happy to give you a hand.

After all, it isn’t always easy to choose what is best for your business, and that is why we are on hand to help. We have a range of great waste shredders, and the great thing about hiring is that if you find that you no longer require the services, you don’t end up stuck with a machine that you might have trouble selling – and getting your money back for.

Waste shredders are a fantastic option for those who want to lessen their impact on the environment, as well as improve their business spending. Plus, it frees up a lot of time to deal with other internal or external issues, and there is no hassle involved thanks to their simple operation.

Cost effective and environmentally friendly are two things that go together perfectly in business – especially when it comes to public approval. With our great offers as well, you are sure to find a waste shredder that is absolutely suited to you and the needs of your business. We look forward to hearing from you.

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